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a grid of twelve images showing stages of a lunar eclipse

Steven Millar is an artist originally from Georgia and now based in New York.  Through a wide variety of media, he investigates ideas of history, transience, and remembrance. His pieces often give tangible form to memory, embodying that which is past. They consider attempts at preservation and commemoration and examine the state of absence that is intimately tied to memorials. Implicit in them is an acknowledgement that reclaiming what is lost requires both fact and fiction, research and invention.


Largely abstract, his recent pieces embrace a variety of allusions from fleeting atmospheric phenomena such as rainbows and eclipses to animals, memorial stones, and votive objects like God’s eyes.  The pieces combine the handmade, fabricated, and found to generate unique forms of new life.  With repurposed and salvaged materials, Millar suggests personal histories and vernacular craft traditions.  When using wood, he often take cues from the natural forms, grain, and patterns of growth.  


In New York City, Millar has exhibited at many venues including Robert Henry Contemporary, Gallery Geranmayeh, Print Center New York, Lehman College, Socrates Sculpture Park, Dorsky Gallery, Smack Mellon, and Wave Hill. Other exhibition sites include Untitled art fair (FL), Silicon Valley Art Fair (CA), the Katonah Museum of Art (NY), Artspace (CT), Vox Populi (PA), and Islip Art Museum (NY).  He has received numerous grants and prizes and has participated in many residencies both in the US and abroad, including at the Vermont Studio Center, the Lower East Side Printshop, and LMCC’s Swingspace.

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